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[SOLAR023] BANDIT - Heathen Rock / 12 Distorted Truth For The Dumb 12"
A couple of years in the making, this Japanese hardcore masterpiece finally gets a long overdue vinyl reissue. Originally released in 1991 on CD format only, Heathen Rock was Bandit's debut release, a relentless 12-track hardcore assault. The Kitakyushu-based band played Japanese hardcore typical of the era, comparable to Lip Cream and Nightmare on speed: raging riffs, fast 1-2 drum beats, brutal vocal delivery, and anthemic gang choruses. It's all there! After their demise in the mid 90s, members went on to form the acclaimed AI. Comes with a full-colored 12 page booklet and improved cover art. Remastered for vinyl purposes and comes with a download of demo and unreleased comp tracks.


[SOLAR026] SKEMATA - Sanctioned Genocide 7"
Raleigh, NC sends us three more hardcore smashers with urgency and hooks similar to what was laid down on their debut 12", but you can see the band progressing in their songwriting and coming more into their own. These songs have a heavy jackhammer ferocity, but also a catchiness that is missing on most hardcore releases these days. Side A starts off the record with a catchy, mid paced stomper and side B has two raging, go for the throat, cuts. For fans of hardcore.


This is simultaneously the debut vinyl release and swan song for this San Francisco three piece metal band, featuring Cincinnati expatriates, Brian from Black Dove / The Dead Hate The Living and Pat from White Gold. You can hear a lot of cool influences in this 10 song Tomes LP, from Sacrilege to Metallica, to Sleep and early Baroness.
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As many of you may know, my online shopping cart shit itself, I will have a new one up and running for the release of these three great records January 1st.

Defcon 1:
NUKKEHAMMER - A Distant Hissing In Your Ear 7" EP


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